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Efficiency through automation | Game-changing insight

We transform the way organisations use data and insight, to make faster, better and more valuable decisions.


Our solutions allow clients to use rich, visual storytelling to understand complex analytics about their organisation and marketplace.  We are uniquely placed to be able to blend technical capability with a design-led approach to user experience; making our solutions both powerful and frictionless for our clients.

Our approach

Most organisations understand that transparency of their business is key, but many fail because they think a shiny new dashboard will automatically deliver results.  At Metryx, we believe real, sustainable change can only come from understanding what drives your organisation forward and then aligning relevant insight to maximise your growth.

We partner with our clients to understand what information is available internally and externally, how this is shared, how decisions are made, and by who - defining a current state and a future landscape.  Only then will we work on what that journey looks like and how technology and analytics can support the transformation.

We offer a range of solutions through initial strategy design, our standard SaaS software products or a bespoke solution for complex needs.  We then wrap this up with an engagement and success programme to make sure you get the long-term value you need.


We are proud to be a member of the Natwest Entrepreneur Accelerator Programme.  Supporting StartUp and ScaleUp businesses grow and succeed.

Insight on Demand (SaaS)

Plug into our Insight-on-Demand product suites to deliver rapid access to your organisation's key insight.  

White-label solutions that are connected to your data, customised with your  branding and  operate on a monthly licence model to remove upfront development costs.

Covering core areas such as Sales, Marketing, HR and Logistics, our sector products have been designed to cover the key metrics in each field to help you hit the ground running

Analytics Studio

Design & Development


For clients looking for a more customised solution, our design and development team will work to understand your brief, what's important for success and deliver both the product and a programme of sustainable change.


We love tackling complex data sources, fragmented IT landscapes and turning difficult stakeholders into product advocates - if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

Interactive Reporting

Dynamic, visual storytelling

Rich reports with interactive charts; filtering data by region, product line or division.  Allow users to answer their own questions and reduce reporting encyclopaedias into compact, powerful insight tools updated at the touch of a button.

Think monthly performance updates, financial reports, employee and customer surveys blended with interactive charts and animations to bring key messages to life.

Insight Accelerator

Rapid Implementation

For those clients looking to move quickly and implement across teams, our Insight Accelerator programmes are a perfect fit.  


We use agile project methods to prioritise a key backlog and work through short sprints to deliver quick wins and gain early buy-in from users and key stakeholders alike. 

How we work

We partner with our clients to understand exactly what is happening within their business and how a structured analytics strategy can help drive results.  Whilst each client's situation is unique, we have a four-step approach which underpins all of our client projects:



We don't believe in long, drawn out processes and projects.  Our approach is agile and we like to add value from the start and evolve as we go.  Here we focus on a specific area of the business, apply intense development and produce a proof-of-concept to show early value and gain buy-in from key stakeholders.



After early success, we provide intense training, support and guidance to the internal teams to ensure they are driving increasing value from the new tools and ways of working.  Teams are fairly diverse in their learning styles so we blend audio, video and in-person learning to maximise engagement and uptake.



Once we have proved the value on a smaller scale and created some advocacy within the business, it's time for the wider rollout and scale up.  This step is the most critical and is often the point of weakness for change projects that focus more on the product than the people.  We design and support a wrap-around engagement programme, with a branding and communication strategy to help the rollout land well and keep the momentum until it becomes business as usual.



This is where we get to know you and your business, what makes you tick and how you currently work. From here, we agree the plan & priorities and work up a solution that not only ticks the boxes but will supercharge progress.  We will also decide whether to tailor one of our standard Insight-on-Demand tools or develop a bespoke solution for you in our analytics studio.

Want to know more? Have a flick through our case studies below to see how this works in practice and get in touch to start a conversation...
How we work

Our work

We are motivated by interesting opportunities to positively transform organisations and how they work.  See some examples here...

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We'd love to hear from you, at whatever stage you are at in the journey.


We work with organisations who are only just starting to think about analytics through to those who are fully up and running and need some specific support to move forward.

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