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Shifting from

Human Resource Management to Organisational Development

Traditionally, 'HR' was perceived as a back-office function dealing with payslips and recruitment, however, this core function of the organisation is now recognised as a hub for developing the organisational capability to drive the business toward its goals.
Our client was a HR Director with a clear agenda; to transform the value added by the HR team and become a driving force in delivering the organisational strategy.  The challenge was a complete lack of any meaningful insight into the organisation's greatest resource; its people.  From basic reporting around headcount, skills and qualifications to external benchmarking of salary and benefits for attracting talent to the organisation.
Current data was held across numerous internal systems and third party suppliers. Each month required a mammoth exercise, just to pull together headline organisational stats for a monthly board meeting with no ability to generate meaningful insights.

The client wanted to align the refocused team with a new set of values and wanted a technology solution to support and empower the HR team, to be able to offer insight to the rest of the business around their people.

There was a lack of digital assets relating to people; skills and experience were stored on paper copies of CVs, performance reviews were captured on handwritten forms and training accreditations were held by a number of different third parties.

Our first task was to understand the company's vision and strategy and understand where and how organisational development supported the overall goals of the business.
This enabled the creation of an Organisational Development strategy which dovetailed with the overall business vision; allowing each operational area to clearly see alignment between its own purpose and the HR team's activity.

We then separated the data elements into two distinct phases; operational reporting and development insight.

Operational Reporting

Here we focused on assembling key metrics used for the day to day operations of the business and for standard reporting requirements; headcount levels; absence reporting, financial metrics, grievance and disciplinary reporting, vacancies and recruitment activity.  The creation of a data-store for this core info, allowed automation of reporting via a simple dashboard and an automated slide deck for the monthly board update.

Development Insight

This is where things got interesting.  Here we focused more on metrics which were aligned with the organisational development strategy and company vision.  We incorporated employee satisfaction survey data to understand where opportunities were for cultural improvement and also flag risks to staff engagement and future retention. 


We worked with the HR Director and senior team to understand what employee skills and attributes would be required for the next stage of growth for the business.  We were then able to map these against the current employee population and the existing training and development portfolio to see what could be achieved organically and where the development streams needed to evolve.  We also also incorporated external reward benchmarking to make a comparison of cost to grow vs. cost to buy to make a balanced strategy around recruiting for the future.

Whilst the change initiative is still ongoing the results of the analytics package is making a big impact in changing the conversation between HR and the rest of the business.  Automated self-serve reporting for the business has improved both the speed and accuracy of core insight delivery.
The Organisational Development agenda has moved the HR team from being a service provider to a Strategic Partner for the rest of the business - being able to use benchmarking analysis and future scenario planning has firmly positioned the team as an enabler for growth.
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