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Interactive Reporting

Our interactive reporting solutions are where digital storytelling comes alive. These client projects deliver structured reporting in a powerful, visual format with the ability to interrogate key charts & data and display preset animations and walkthroughs for the audience.  The reporting often takes the format of key commentary accompanying dynamic visuals with drop-down menus and colour-coded maps bringing the story to life.
Examples of where we have been able to develop dynamic reporting include:
Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Monthly Financial
Market & Industry Summaries
Annual Reports
Monthly Board Slide Decks
We'd be happy to offer a review of your own reporting to see if there's an opportunity to automate and add some dynamic interaction. Drop us a line at or complete our enquiry form here.
Aerial View of Containers

Logistics & Supply Chain

Cost-to-Serve Modelling

HR Insight Portal

Mobile + Desktop
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Area Sales Manager Portal

Mercedes-Benz Pop-up Shop

Sales Funnel + Lead Tracking

Research & Analysis

Deep Dive Sector Analysis

We are proud to associate ourselves with clients and partners across a range of sectors

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