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Our Insight Accelerator programme provides the most effective route to quick and sustained transformation for our clients.  The programme blends training, support and hands-on development, to embed client solutions quickly and gain traction for widespread adoption. 
Whilst our programmes are tailored to suit specific clients, most are based around the following framework:



We have found 12 weeks is the perfect length to get up to speed quickly, create some powerful products and add real value to an organisation.  The programme starts with full immersion to the skills and methods required for success and over the programme, clients are left with the ability to use the products to derive powerful insights about their organisation. 



We don't expect our clients to become agile practitioners, but we utilise a range of agile methods to ensure tasks are focused, achieved quickly and any blockers identified and removed.  At the start of the programme clients are inducted into these methods and are soon benefiting from rapid, value-add development.



Most large organisations still rely on email and face-to-face meetings to share information and make decisions.  With such rapid development your accelerator programme will need a dedicated ecosystem to replace this.  Along with agile methods, we integrate tools such as trello, asana and slack into the accelerator team to keep things moving along at pace.



The programme members will get a package of directed learning, on-site training and virtual support options to maintain momentum during the 90 days.  We appreciate learning styles are varied so we provide access to video, audio, written and experiential training.  We also operate clinics for product Q&A and guidance, to overcome technical queries for teams - these can either be on-site or virtual depending upon client preference.



In our experience, accountability for rapid progress is key to client success.  We create accountability to the project team through a combination of daily/weekly check-ins with all team members and a kick-off, monthly and final formal presentation back to the client sponsor/senior board to show progress and value-add.  The focus throughout all of this is removing obstacles to success and ensuring everyone has the tools and knowledge to deliver, everyday.  



The programme is not only about embedding product benefits into the client organisation, but helping to further a culture of innovation which can self-sustain.  As part of the programme induction, we will introduce the latest concepts in design thinking, UI/UX, and encourage self-learning and sharing of topical articles and discussion through digital comms tools.

Our accelerator programme is suited for the those organisations that want to make large change across their teams, quickly.  As the change delivery partner, Metryx will work with the teams closely to ensure capability and  accountability for the transformation.  If you would discuss how we could help you please get in touch.

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We'd love to hear from you, at whatever stage you are at in the journey.


We work with organisations who are only just starting to think about analytics through to those who are fully up and running and need some specific support to move forward.

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