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Metryx announces partnership with Tableau to drive 'Analytics Revolution' in Automotive

Today’s automotive brands are undergoing a period of unprecedented change, with huge shifts across product ranges, supply chains and operating models. In the midst of this transformation, brands are increasingly aware of the role data plays in making faster, more informed business decisions through the ability to easily access insight-on-demand across the enterprise.

To support automotive organisations with this transformation, we are delighted to announce our partnership with Tableau Software, a global leader in data visualization and self-serve analytics. By integrating Tableau into its data and analytics solutions, Metryx will be able to offer its clients access to leading-edge technology to visualise, understand, and leverage the full potential of their data.

“After years of working successfully with the Salesforce and Tableau product family, we’re delighted to announce this formal partnership which underpins our growth strategy in Automotive...
...being selected as a key partner in the Tableau ecosystem, not only recognizes the technical product expertise within the business, but our ability to deliver real value to our clients from the platform; through strategy, design, implementation and support”

-Mike Khan, Metryx CEO

Having already achieved a number of successful implementations within automotive OEMs, we have seen what impact partnering Tableau technology with our own products and services can have in the Automotive space. This new alliance will further underpin the Metryx strategy in our core client sector and drive even more value for our clients.

About Tableau

Tableau helps people and organizations become more data-driven. The Tableau platform provides the breadth and depth of capabilities that enterprises need, and adapts to your environment with unmatched flexibility and choice, while meeting the toughest governance and security requirements. People love using Tableau because it is both powerful and intuitive. Tableau leads the industry with the most passionate user community, over 86,000 customer accounts, and a commitment to customer-focused innovation.

About Metryx

Metryx transforms the way organisations use data and insight, to make faster, better and more valuable decisions. Metryx solutions allow clients to use rich, visual storytelling to understand complex analytics about their organisation and marketplace. Metryx is uniquely placed to be able to blend technical capability with a design-led approach to user experience; making solutions both powerful and frictionless for clients.

If you would like to learn about how Metryx or Tableau can help your organisation, please reach out to or get in touch


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